The Journey

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

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Welcome to Thailand: The Travels Begin!

I’m writing from the top floor terrace of our guesthouse in the Phra Nakhon District of Bangkok. It took thirty hours from Heathrow to when I finally laid my head on a pillow. That thirty hours included six hours of dozing in Bangkok airport and two hours trying to... read more

One week until travel: the big, bad bucket list

I finally leave on my trip in less than a week. It’s been a crazy time in the run up to the date, so crazy I’ve neglected this blog. I quit my job, did some serious organisation and took on a few freelance projects that sucked up my time over  Christmas.... read more

Why quitting my job was the easiest decision I’ve ever made

For a lot of people, the decision to quit their job to travel the world is pretty darn scary. I get it. Quitting your job is a big deal. “I quit.” By uttering these two short words, you’re turning your life on its head. You’re giving up your source of steady... read more

Paris in photos: The Catacombs

I love Paris. It’s an intoxicating city. So effortlessly chic and stylish, much like its inhabitants. I came near to moving there earlier this year. It would have put traveling plans into disarray but, for Paris, I think I might have done it. Since the job fell... read more

I bought flights for my RTW trip!!!!

“I’m going to buy them. OK?” I say to my boyfriend over Skype. It’s 11am in the UK, but he’s in Montreal and it’s only just 8am – horrifically early for a Sunday. He hasn’t had coffee yet and wasn’t expecting a Skype wake-up call, especially not one from someone as... read more

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Hi there! I'm Charlie, a writer from the UK who can't stay still for long. I'm a backpacker and serial expat who's lived on three continents. But the greatest adventure is yet to come... in January 2015 I'll be trading in my desk job for a location independent career on the road, all while exploring the world.

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